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Yarrow Liver Compress

A yarrow liver compress is the application of yarrow tea (leaf and young stalk) in a hot, dry cloth, compressed over the liver with a narrow blanket. It is indicated to support liver function especially post antibiotic use, during aggressive medical treatments that are known to strain the liver, some cases of abdominal bloating as well as for depression (which can be linked to poor liver function). The liver performs a significant role in maintaining the healthy organisation of fluids in the body. In the case of mucus build up in the chest this compress may assist the fluid back into healthy organisation within the metabolic organs.

Don’t use the yarrow liver compress for unexplained abdominal pains, when fevering, liver cancer (unless prescribed), the first few days of menstruation (as a hot application can increase blood flow), skin wounds in the region of the liver or if there is a known intolerance to yarrow.

The liver is positioned starting just under the bottom ribs on the right hand side of the torso and extending around the back and to the front of the body.

Prepare and administer the compress as per the Compress Basics instructions. Make a double strength yarrow tea, letting is steep for about 5 minutes. It takes longer than chamomile. Keep the compress on for about 20 minutes and rest for 20 minutes. If lethargy or discomfort arises during or after the treatment, please advise Louise so that the prescription can be refined.