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Arnica for Bruising and Tissue Trauma

Arnica lotions 10% (tinctures /essence) can be applied over bruises and impacted body parts as a compress to help recover from the trauma. It can be used for bruised or strained joints and post operative swelling. Do not use arnica over open wounds.

If the injury is new and the site is hot and swollen use 1 part of arnica lotion with 9 parts of cool water. Soak a compress cloth or crepe bandage, wring it out then apply it to the injured site. Cover it with an outer insulating compress cloth. For old injuries warm water may be more suitable than cold. The compress can remain on for up to 45 minutes. An equal duration of rest should always follow any therapeutic application so as to properly allow the integration of the medicinal substance towards healing.

The frequency of application depends upon the injury. Standard first aid applications of icepacks (buffered from the body with fabric so as not to freeze the cells) applied for 15 minute every two hours proves a marked improvement in the healing time of bruising. These standard procedures can be followed with the addition of arnica compresses.

If a rash appears cease using the arnica.