Chamomile Abdominal Compress

chamomile with blue background

A chamomile compress helps the nervous system quieten, and improves digestion. It is highly valuable for insomnia, pain related to menstruation, for people with poor digestion due to nervousness, or after a busy day studying. It affects the Sense of Movement and Sight by harmonising the relationship between environmental stimulus and the sensory processing that carries the outer stimulus to the inner life. The very sensitive blossoms of the chamomile reach the nervous system to calm it without having to pass through the digestive system.

Follow the Compress Basics instructions, but do not be put off by the detail. The practical part of the treatment is simply to soak a cloth in hot chamomile tea, wring it out tight and place it over the abdomen, then keep it warm.

Do not use hot compresses over the abdomen when the digestive system is inflamed, for example with diarrhoea or vomiting from bacterial infection or with stomach pain associated with fever.

Steep about a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers in half a litre (500ml) of hot water and allow the chamomile to steep in a covered thermos or saucepan. Chamomile does not take long to steep. The blue etheric oils are easily released when in hot water – approximately 3 mins or so. 

A hot-dry compress is to be applied to the soft part of the abdomen for 20 minutes followed by at least 20 minutes rest.

Qualified health practitioner advice should be sort for all health concerns.