Louise Schnitzhofer

Louise Schnitzhofer is the owner and sole practitioner at Sea Salt. Louise received her Diploma of Remedial Massage from Nature Care College in Sydney in 1993. She has freelanced in the age and disability sector as well as working alongside osteopaths and other massage therapists. In 2004  Louise took up studies in anthroposophy and its therapeutic applications under the guidance of Lisa Romero. Her practice extended to include topical medicaments in the form of compresses, footbaths and oils. In 2013 Louise graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Medicine with an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy to which she applies the fundamentals of therapy as outlined in anthroposophy and prescribes anthroposophic medicines from her private practice. Training as a Jungebad Oil Dispersion Bath Therapist with The International Association for Oil Dispersion Bath Therapy commenced in  Germany in January 2019 for completion March 2020.

As well as her clinical practice, Louise works alongside teachers and parents in schools, contributing to child studies and parent /teacher education in the areas of child development and home-healthcare., and also makes home visits to work with individual families. Strong collegial relations with other health practitioners and educators working out of anthroposophy across Australia and the US support Louise’s ongoing professional development.

Louise has a deep appreciation for the significant role a community has on health and development. This has taken her into positions such as Health Educator for Arthritis and Osteoporosis Northern Territory and management at Milkwood Steiner School Darwin. She is currently company secretary of EduCareDo Ltd a not for profit organisation delivering distance education in the foundations anthroposophy, an administrator and educational facilitator for Developing the Self Developing the World and supports administration and courses with Inner Work Path.

Ad Dip Homeopathy (2013); Dip Remedial Massage (1993)

Australian Traditional Medicine Society 11967

Australian Register of Homeopaths 13-333

Oil dispersion bath therapy after Dr Werner Junge is not a recognised modality of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Louise practices it based on her professional training and membership (in progress) with the Association of Oil Dispersion Bath Therapists after Werner Junge.