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“For many years fever was regarded as a danger that should be strictly suppressed. Today this attitude is changing. Studies now clearly show that fever is a highly effective response of the body to fight viruses and bacteria.” Dr David Martin, Germany.

I was pleased to be introduced to Dr David Martin website and video series “Warm up to Fever” that treats fever in the same way that I recommend, so that the body becomes stronger and the pathogen is not left in the body.

Using Arnica and Warm Water to Manage Fever

Arnica lotion 10% (otherwise known as arnica tincture or arnica essence) can be diluted 1:10 with warm water (a few degrees above the body’s temperature) and applied in a compress to the wrists and ankles when a fever is rising or staying in the head area. The arnica has a thinning affect on the blood and the warmth draws the blood away from the head. The body temperature can continue to rise though the blood is encouraged to circulate to the periphery and away from the head. 

To apply the compress dip fabric such as folded handkerchiefs into the small bowl of diluted arnica and very hot water, wring out the cloth really well so that the cloth becomes ‘hot-dry’, then wrap them over the areas of the pulse points on the wrist and inner ankle so that it is received to the blood close to the surface of the body. The wringing method can be the same as for other compresses which is to use a wringing cloth around the wet cloth so that it looks like a ‘bon-bon’. As each wet cloth is applied cover it with a cutting of old wool blanket and tape to form an insulating wrist band. Once the compresses become cold or dry, repeat the process. The same dilution can be carefully re-warmed and re-used. This can easily occur every 1/4 of an hour for four sets. Note: Alternatively, arnica cream or ointment can be applied to the cloths, folded in half and warmed between hot water bottles then the process is followed – ie insulate with a wool layer and reheat as the compress cools.

“Lemon boots’ is an another compress that is used to dissipate fever, but not when the head is hot and the limbs are cold. Do not use arnica over broken skin.

When fevering the body should be kept covered despite the feelings of heat because if the body is cooled when trying to escalate to a temperature point that will kill a particular pathogen the endocrine system will send the message to increase the temperature thereby risking a dangerous spike in temperature.

These instructions are provided for people who have first consulted or participated in a related workshop and have been led to the site to fulfil a home healthcare prescription.  The instructions do not replace the often necessary advice that can be provided in professional consultation with a health practitioner at the time of an illness. 

Click here to visit the website: Warm Up to Fever.