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Complementary Health based on the work of Rudolf Steiner
Located in Byron Shire, Australia


Onion Ear Compress

Earaches that are caused by a swollen eardrum and fluid are often helped by an onion ear compress. Make a little parcel of diced onion (about 1/4 – 1/2 a large onion). The material used for the compress ‘bag’ could be a thin tubular bandage tying the ends once the onion is inserted, a little cotton bag or piece of fabric tied into a parcel. The compress should be at body temperature. Hold the compress over the ear including behind it. The fluid is encouraged to sweat out of the ear so rest the pained ear towards the pillow and a soft head band of sorts can help keep it in place and catch drips. This can remain in place for a half hour or so, repeated every one to two hours as required to bring relief.

Chamomile Ear Compress

Earaches that are caused by tension and too much noise may be soothed by the application of a little parcel of dry chamomile flowers that has been warmed through and become aromatic. To heat the bag and preserve the delicate oils in the flowers, place the compress bag between two plates and warm the plates over a saucepan of boiling water. When it is a comfortably warm temperature place it against the ear and keep it warm with a small extra pad of wool to insulate but let the compress breathe. A little woollen sock or singlet can do the job well. Hold it in place with a headband or beanie and leave it in place as long as it is warm. I tend to suggest at least half an hour, with the possibility of leaving it on overnight. The compress can be re-used until the flowers have lost their aroma.