Therapeutic Applications


Therapeutic Applications include massage, compresses, footbaths and full body baths. They are offered in the clinic or prescribed as part of a home healthcare plan. 

All of the treatments are applied 'externally' to the outside of the body. They first touch the skin which is the largest body organ, and also connect closely with the fine nerve endings that help us to identify between ourselves, the world and other people. 

Provided regularly, these subtle treatments help to balance the way we experience and react to the environment and other people. This includes from the way foods effect us through to stress caused by the pressure of work, school and relationships. As simple as these therapeutic applications may seem, they have a powerful effect on our whole being and in some cases are much greater impact than medications taken by mouth.

The treatments have been described as bringing about "tangible" changes that the patient feels themselves do out of their own healing capacity rather than by a practitioner or a medication.

They are used for a wide variety of therapeutic purposes including to: 

  • Support the development of a healthy sense of self
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Regulate self control
  • Provide nourishment and encourage healing when rehabilitating from treatments and illnesses that have strained the body to maintain balance.
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce headaches
  • Distribute warmth
  • Calm or stimulate digestion
  • Harmonise breathing
  • Reduce the side effects of anxiety
  • Assist coping with transitions
  • Draw away excess fluid from the breasts and chest

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Many other treatments are also prescribed including compresses over the kidneys and liver and varying baths.


Therapeutic Baths to support rehabilitation and encourage warmth distribution.

Wrapped up

Wrapped up and resting after a bath and compress

Foot massage

Foot massage after a footbath

seated in footbath

Resting in a footbath