Anthroposophic Medicine

Sea Salt is a homeopathic practice extended by the application of anthroposophy. Anthroposophic medicine is an integrative medicine that extends the way medical practitioners, nurses and complementary therapists understand their practice through objective studies of the physical, soul and spiritual human being. Anthroposophic Medicine originates from the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) with the assistance of Dr. Ita Wegman (1876 – 1943). Steiner is most well known for developing Steiner / Waldorf Education and Bio-dynamic Organic Agriculture

Anthroposophic medicine is used to treat all types of illness. One aim is to safely bring unhealthy processes to completion in a way that the person's own immune system has developed resilience and immunity. This reduces the likelihood of lingering and dormant process that can otherwise become chronic conditions.

The medicines use all parts of nature including minerals, plants, animals, human organs and metals and prepare them using a pharmaceutical process called potentisation. This takes the substance through a series of dilutions and agitations each time creating a remedy with a different level of potency which affects different processes in the body. Link to research papers here and here. Open a PDF guide "Anthroposophic Medicine in Science and Research" prepared by the Medical Section of the Goetheanum.

An initial one hour consultation allows time to discuss the symptoms to be addressed and also bring to light patterns of an individual's health and illness processes using the understandings outlined in anthroposophy. Depending on the circumstances a few days for research and reflection may be left between the consultation and the preparation of a prescription. The prescription can include remedies to be taken daily for short or ongoing periods as well as compresses and baths. 

In subsequent consultations changes are noted to the original presenting symptoms as well as to energy levels, motivation, the ability to cope with the illness, changes in sleep, appetite and moods, as well as anything else that may have arisen. Sometimes processes that are unresolved or dormant from previous illnesses or life events come to the surface. The whole case is reviewed so as to refine the prescription to meet the changes. 

Australian Register of Homeopaths Statement on the use of Homeopathics Medicines for Prophylaxis

Adelaide Consulting Room


Initial Consultation

$110 (1 hour)

This rate reduces to $90 when more than one member of a family (from the same income stream) are having regular consultations.

Subsequent Consultations

$90 (1 hour) ⎜  $75 (3/4 hour)⎜ $60 (1/2 hour)⎜ $35 (1/4 hour)

Family members can share consult times


Most remedies are $15 each.

The average prescription has two remedies plus $15 postage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recommend that I build my own remedy kit?

Kits build over time as family illness tendencies unfold and familiarity with their action and indications comes about in consultation and use. However having on hand something for broken bones, fevers, bruises and the first sign of a flu can be very useful. Recommendations can be made within the consultation or workshops.

A standard homeopathic kit with vials of remedy-coated sugar pillules comes in handy, but the remedies prescribed in consultation are usually from Southern Swan Pharmacy that supply liquid remedies in 30 ml bottles, or  else from Weleda and WALA.  These remedies are more often than not specially combined with more than one medicinal substance.

Does my child have to be at the consultation?

When prescribing for a child it is important to have time without the child being present because it helps to obtain information that the child need not hear. Therefore arrangements are made to speak about the child separately to meeting the child. The consultations build pictures around a child’s health including birth, milestones, sleep, digestion, behaviour, sensory development, susceptibility to illnesses and environmental influences that help parents to understand the individual needs of their child. Education towards home healthcare is a very important part of working with parents. And many parents choose to consult and work on their own health and other issues that may be influencing their child’s health.

Can I consult over the phone?

A face to face consultation is preferred and in some cases necessary. However a Skype video or FaceTime call are possible in some cases when a person cannot attend a consultation in clinic. 

For the cases of children it is common to meet the child then speak with the parents over the phone.

Can I take the remedies with other medicines?

Yes. But like all medicines each health practitioner should be aware of what medicines a person is taking and the purpose of taking them so that they can prescribe the appropriate dose and work together to support health.

How long before I notice the remedies are working?

This depends on how long a person has been unwell. Some illnesses work in daily cycles, others weekly, monthly or annually. Generally 6 doses is a good indicator of the efficacy of the remedy in the case of a first aid treatment. In the case of symptoms that have been present for a while, 3 months usually indicates the direction and action of the treatment.

When symptoms have been stubborn to shift and been exhausting, the first improvement is often observed by an increase in energy. Depending on how long the symptoms have been present can also affect how long it takes to heal. Underlying dispositions can resurface and this presents the opportunity to work them through to complete any processes that are bringing ill health.

Do you use homeopathy?

Louise studied homeopathy so as to be able to prescribe anthroposophic remedies. The studies in anthroposophy extended the depth and breadth of understanding the illness processes as well as the remedies themselves. The homeopathic principle of 'like cures like' is used as well as anthroposophic principles that are not just based on finding the most similar remedy to the symptoms. The remedy combinations and potencies are arrived at differently than that of a classical homeopath or a naturopath using homeopathy.