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Schools Sores – Impetigo

School sores are a skin lesion caused by a staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria that can naturally occur on the skin and upper respiratory system, but can get out of control especially in the hotter months. Once the sores open they spread easily by contact. They are considered highly contagious and the Department of Health states a need for “time out ” (exclusion) from school.

I have treated numerous cases where prior infections of the same bacteria have been treated with antibiotics and then it reoccurs within weeks or months.  The infection requires vigilant treatment and hygiene such as regular hand and nail washing, daily linen changing and avoiding spreading at bath time. Keeping them covered and staying off school is very important. Alongside prescribed anthroposophic remedies to strengthen the immune system, children and adults have been assisted to restore harmony and overcome the disease naturally. School sores spread rapidly; the sooner treatment begins the better.

A prescription typically includes:

  • daily bathing of the sores with a dilution of hypericum and calendula lotion /essence. The addition of echinacea to the lotion is a bonus. If this lotion is not available in the beginning, or the wounds are near the eyes, use a solution of unrefined sea salt which naturally contains trace elements of silver. Bathe each sore with a new piece of gauze (no double dipping!), pat it dry using another piece of gauze if necessary; don’t let water run over clear skin. Cover all the wounds for the rest of the day and night. I find that gauze and micropore tape can be a gentle, breathable cover for awkward patches of wounds;
  • an ointment with potentitised mercurialis;
  • avoid excesses of sugar because they are warming and can increase inflammation. Opt for foods and herbal teas high in anti-oxidants, and;
  • at least one internal remedy specific to the person. There are about three ‘go-to’ remedies which have to be differentiated, and an additional remedy can be indicated in most circumstances. Therefore a consultation is highly recommended.