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Experiencing Life Awaken

Complementary Health based on the work of Rudolf Steiner
Located in Byron Shire, Australia

Cool Awakening Wash

Rosemary stimulates the circulatory system, bringing wakefulness through it’s warmth in combination with the cool water and invigorating application.

A cool wash with rosemary infused water or a cool salt water wash are prescribed for example, when a person is slow to waking in the morning, possibly accompanied by poor circulation of the blood and/or lymphatic fluid, or when the senses are hyposensitive (especially the sense of touch, life, movement and balance).

This treatment should not be used on people whose blood pressure is high or if they are medicated for high blood pressure.

  • A sprig of fresh rosemary that has been infused into hot water and left covered to steep overnight, or
  • 1 level dessertspoon of unrefined sea salt (9g per litre of water) – diluted, and
  • A bowl or washbasin;
  • Bath thermometer if required to gauge the water temperature;
  • A face flannel or similar cloth for application;
  • Towel for drying off.

Prepare the treatment space to be adequately warm and free of drafts, and layout and/or warm the clothes in readiness for after the treatment. 

Add the chosen medicinal dilution, either salt or rosemary, to the washbasin and top up with water at 34°C (93°F).

Saturate the face flannel in the dilution and apply to the skin in long swift strokes. Apply 3 – 6 strokes per body part. Continue wetting the flannel throughout the treatment, at least once with every body part.

The order of treatment is:

  • downward strokes for the face and torso
  • upward strokes for the arms and legs.

Pat dry each body part and cover or clothe before proceeding to the next. This treatment is best followed by a brisk walk. It can be normal for blood pressure to rise after the combined treatment and a walk.