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Molloscum Contagiosum (water warts)

Molluscum is a common and contagious skin infection caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus that is spread by skin-to-skin contact. It is generally harmless, though I have seen it to commonly take 6 – 12 months to build immunity to it.


The skin develops small raised spots that are generally about 1-2mm in diameter but sometimes up to 20mm. To start with they look like little pimples then they become round, pink or pearl-coloured lumps with a hard core. Some develop a dimple in the centre. This government fact sheet has photos and clinical presentation


In Darwin I saw numerous cases where children picked it up at public swimming places or in childcare.


Immune support and hygiene are the best steps to help the body overcome the virus and reduce the risk of re-infection. There are a number of anthroposophic remedies that can be taken internally for general and specific support to overcome the virus. Pulsatilla comp (low potencies of pulsatilla, thuja and argentum) is one remedy that I have used for a number of children. Plus a topical ointment of potentised mercurialis may be suggested during the weeping stage. These remedies are not suitable for everyone and are very different to classical high potency single substance remedies. They are offered here as examples of way we may work anthroposophically.

The warts can be itchy and weep at which times (at least at these times) they are best covered to avoid scratching and spreading over other parts of the skin and to other people.

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals sourced directly from fresh food also supports the immune system.

Maintaining this regime over 3 – 4 months is usually required because this covers a change of season when the immune system may struggle, and also because the warts show up slowly. Consistent rather than spot treatment is more effective.

The pattern that I notice during treatment is that the warts continue to appear but heal more quickly as the immune system strengthens.