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Nutritional Bath with Raw Cows Milk

nutritional bath

A potent therapeutic bath best given weekly for 7 weeks on the same day each week where possible. It supports rehabilitation post any illness as well as general health throughout changes of season, especially spring.

A nutritional bath uses 1 cup of raw bath milk, egg, honey and lemon.

Follow the instructions closely to gain the most benefit from this therapeutic bath. Please don’t have a nutritional bath when you are fevering or taking medication (or using drugs). And if you are pregnant you should first consult with me or your anthroposophic practitioner before dipping into this bath.

Start to run a full bath within a degree of your body temperature.

Prepare the bedroom by making it warm and free of draughts. Cover the lower sheet on the bed with a towel, and make it warm with hot water bottles if required.

Whisk the egg yolk, milk and honey in a bowl.

Halve, juice and zest the lemon under the bath water. Discard remains. Omit the lemon for sensitive skin.

Add the egg mix to the water.

When the bath is full, gently make figure-eights in the water. Starting in the middle, weave together the opposite poles in an organised way without splashing. The hand should draw the water along with it to create harmony while also enlivening the water. Remaining focused on the treatment helps impress the water with healing qualities.

Let the water become still before entering the bath. Submerge to the neck (keeping the head dry). Relax for 5 – 15 minutes as long as the water is warm. If perspiration occurs stop the bath immediately. The bath is complete after this short time. Step out of the bath before letting out the water.

Without drying the body, use a pre-warmed sheet or bathrobe to firmly wrap from shoulders to feet then put on socks.

Staying wrapped up, enter the bed to rest. Lie upon the towel and use the bed covers to wrap or cocoon the body, making sure the shoulders are covered. Reduce stimulation by placing a towel lightly around the crown of the head and ears. During the rest (ideally 1 hour) a feeling of warmth and relaxation will occur fairly quickly. Hot water bottles may not be needed. For a child it may be helpful to read a quiet story. Prevent perspiration by loosening the bedclothes as required. 

When the rest is complete dress warmly and maintain the treatment for as long as possible before bathing or swimming.