Beeswax Chest Compress

A cloth that is layered with melted beeswax is warmed and applied to the chest to create a soothing, calming effect, especially on the breathing. It is a safe, easy, enjoyable and effective compress that I recommend for daily use for asthmatics and those with bronchial tightness.

To create your own beeswax cloth size up natural fibre fabric that when fully open will be a comfortable fit to the chest it will be be pressed against. Old flannelette has been a good cloth choice for some. Gently melt pure beeswax in a wide shallow tray and dip the cloth in completely then let it sit above the tray until it sets slightly. Repeat the dipping process until you feel that the cloth has been impregnated with a thin even layer of wax. Let it cool, and when the temperature reduces to body temperature and is still pliable the newly made beeswax cloth can be applied directly to the skin of the chest. Cover the cloth with a firm woollen singlet and normal clothing unless you would prefer using compress blankets.

This compress can usually be left on overnight. However remove it if it becomes cold or uncomfortable. Continue to keep the body warm after removing the compress.

The beeswax coated cloth can be stored in a bio-friendly and food safe bag for future use. To rewarm the cloth before future uses, let the sun ray upon it, put it in the oven, between hot water bottles for 3 – 5 minutes, or heat it under the hot air of a hair dryer. Replace the cloth when the beeswax aroma diminishes or the cloth no longer appears to be of healing value.