Jungebad Oil Dispersion Baths

Jungebad is a specialised oil dispersion bath with body brushing that originates from Germany out of indications given by Rudolf Steiner. It is used as a complementary therapy in anthroposophic medicine to harmonise body warmth and thereby stimulate the body’s own processes towards healing and recovery. 

Jungebad is used for such things as to:

  • Aid digestion
  • Recover from burn-out, jet-lag, fatigue and stress
  • Encourage warmth and flexibility in the muscles and joints
  • Increase the flow of lymphatic fluids
  • Improve recovery alongside treatments for cancer
  • Maintain circulation, elimination and vitality in the young and old
  • Calm anxiety, including anxiety as a result of dementia

Over winter Jungebad therapy will be available from Fiona Mackenzie’s homeopathic clinic in Mullumbimby. The initial consultation and bath is $120. A prescribed treatment plan includes a set of baths at the special trainee rate of $60 per bath. Appointments commence in June.

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