Stocking a Home Healthcare Kit for the Cold and Flu Season

This post was last updated on April 3 2020 10:00am AEST This article offers some suggestions towards home healthcare applications as preventative healthcare, a remedy that is commonly prescribed in anthroposophic medicine to ward-off influenza and a set of remedies that are useful to have on hand at the first sign of a cold or […]


In my experience some of the triggers for coughing have included: when the body is trying to release mucus or other obstacles in the throat; when the airways is irritated and inflamed; when the airway is narrowed and breathing is impaired; just prior to sleep because it can aid ‘letting go’ and help the transition […]

Quark Chest Compress

A quark chest compress is the application of quark cheese warmed to body temperature, spread on a cloth that is then folded over the cheese into a poultice shape, laid across the chest and kept warm. The quark has a drawing effect on fluid in the breasts and chest cavity. It creates a space for […]