What is Rose Sphagni?

sphagniSphagni Rose, or Rose Sphagni is an emulsion that has natural protective qualities. When applied to the skin it helps maintain a healthy balance in the fluids sitting just under the skin that are effected by such things as travelling in aircraft or fast moving vehicles, stress and radiation. It provides a ‘second skin’ and reduces the impact of the environment on a child’s growing body. In anthroposophic medicine it is used in rhythmical massage and/or as preventive healthcare as part of a daily rhythm. Rose is chosen for daily application for children under 7 years and the primary care-giver. In these years we aim to provide the most ‘heart-like’ environment as the child will use this as their gage of balance in later life. Lavender and rosemary are more one-sided in their qualities and may be prescribed for specific purposes when closer to 7 or older. Citri sphagni is closer to the middle and shares some similar qualities to rose, so may be an alternative to rose on a daily basis. It can be purchased direct from Southern Swan Pharmacy or from Sea Salt.