Stocking a Home Healthcare Kit for the Cold and Flu Season

This post was last updated on March 26 2020 8:30pm AEST There is an air of uncertainty surrounding  parts of Australia progressing to “lock down” as a way of a controlling the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Now is a useful time to take a look at your home healthcare kit and consider what may assist your […]


In my experience some of the triggers for coughing have included: when the body is trying to release mucus or other obstacles in the throat; when the airways is irritated and inflamed; just prior to sleep because it can aid ‘letting go’ and help the transition to sleep; when a change is occurring in our […]

Beeswax Chest Compress

A cloth that is layered with melted beeswax is warmed and applied to the chest to create a soothing, calming effect, especially on the breathing. It is a safe, easy, enjoyable and effective compress that I recommend for daily use for asthmatics and those with bronchial tightness. It can also be used generally to help […]

Ginger Kidney Compress

This compress must be used with precaution and only if prescribed. The ginger can burn the skin of fair haired persons and in some people can be very disturbing on an physiological level. It is included on this website only for those who have been prescribed its use, in which case it can be highly […]

Quark Chest Compress

A quark chest compress is the application of quark cheese warmed to body temperature, spread on a cloth that is then folded over the cheese into a poultice shape, laid across the chest and kept warm. The quark has a drawing effect on fluid in the breasts and chest cavity. It creates a space for […]