Molluscum contagiosum (Water Warts)

“Water warts” are common in Darwin, where I have seen numerous cases of children who have this virus for a few months. The virus cause numerous small raised, round “bubbles” (warts) on the skin that are generally harmless, though itchy, highly contagious and the virus can take a few months to leave the body. The virus is often picked up at public swimming places. This government fact sheet has photos and clinical presentation

Immune support and hygiene are the best steps to help the body overcome the virus and reduce the risk of re-infection.

There are a number of anthroposophic remedies that can be taken internally for individual constitutional support as well as topical ointments directed at the warts. The warts can be itchy and weep at which times (at least at these times) they are best covered to avoid scratching and spreading over other parts of the skin and to class mates.  A diet rich in vitamins and minerals sourced directly from fresh food also supports the immune system. Maintaining this regime over 3 – 4 months is usually required because this covers a change of season when the immune system may struggle, and also because the warts show up slowly. Consistent rather than spot treatment is more effective.

The pattern that I notice during treatment is that the warts continue to appear but heal more quickly as the immune system strengthens.