The basis of the practice at Sea Salt is to come to know individual characteristics of a person’s health and illness processes and work together wholistically towards a balanced state of being.

When we are working through a crisis, whether it is producing physical, emotional or mental symptoms, the balance returns when we become stronger in our self. When we have been sick for a while, it can take time to fully regain our balance.

Louise takes time and care to support you and your family to manage day-to-day illnesses as well as more serious and chronic conditions. → Click here to read about consultations for children.

The way we experience symptoms and how we cope with them and any side effects of treatments contributes to finding the most supportive complementary therapies. For this reason we give enough time to converse in each consultation.

The prescriptions made by Louise include natural remedies that are taken orally as well as therapeutic applications of medicinal plants and substances through massage, baths and compresses. The gentle but powerful therapeutic applications can be provided in clinic and /or taken up as part of a home healthcare plan.

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A few days for research and reflection is often left between the consultation and the preparation of a prescription to complement medications or therapies from a doctor or other health practitioners.

Remedies often referred to as ‘drops’ are generally taken every day for a month or so, until we have another consultation. In subsequent consultations we take notice of any changes in the original presenting symptoms. And as well as this we look for changes in energy levels and motivation, the ability to cope with the illness, changes in sleep, appetite and moods, and anything else that may have arisen.

Sometimes processes that are unresolved or dormant from previous illnesses or life events come to the surface. This is all taken into consideration with each consultation so as to alter the prescription to keep making improvements. The aim is to bring unhealthy processes to completion so they have been fully overcome. Then should we meet the same or similar disease process or struggle again in life we have built resilience to it.

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