Stocking a Home Healthcare Kit for the Cold and Flu Season

This post was last updated on March 26 2020 8:30pm AEST

There is an air of uncertainty surrounding  parts of Australia progressing to “lock down” as a way of a controlling the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Now is a useful time to take a look at your home healthcare kit and consider what may assist your family to stay well.

Important note: Keep your remedies hygienic; do not drink from the bottle or the cap. Other families may be in need of sharing your kit.

This article offers some suggestions towards home healthcare applications as preventative healthcare, a remedy that is commonly prescribed in anthroposophic medicine to ward-off influenza and a set of remedies that are useful to have on hand at the first sign of a cold or flu. If symptoms did present then please consult with your health practitioner.

This article is written to support health and wellbeing and does not replace medical advice. It is important to seek medical advice to ascertain a diagnosis for flu-like symptoms. For facts on COVID-19 visit the WHO website which provides the broad range of symptoms and states that “the illness usually progresses slowly”. Therefore take note of small symptoms. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and although symptoms may not effect each and everyone of us we potentially carry it to others and this can have an exponential social impact.

Applying Warmth in Everyday Life

Whilst making these considerations remember that warmth is the key to caring for one’s health; it helps the immune system to function optimally and it also maintains life. In everyday language we refer to a central point of balance and harmony when we are well and when we are warm. This warmth is recognised as physical tangible sensation and also as an inner, non-tangible feeling.

Engaging with the rhythms of nature, the ebb and flow of the tides, the way that plants and animals interact with light and dark and so on, enlivens the warmth in us. To spend a day fully engaged with nature can aid the body to rest deeply at which time it can rejuvenate and build greater capacity to ward-off illness. To help control the spread of COVID-19, your own garden or verandah is the best place for this for the next month.

Our relationships with one another become health-giving for ourself and the other when we bring warmth towards one-another. It is warmth that enlivens standard curriculum subjects at school and a could-be standard meeting; it assists us to unite and for new impulses to begin to emerge.

Hygiene is a big topic right now, and one we have the opportunity to apply warmth to by meeting the gaze of our children and sharing a moment of wonder and  reverence. On our own we can reflect inwardly at our own capacities and wonder at life. When cleaning our spaces we can bring warmth by tending to the space with care-filled, true thoughts and repositioning objects and areas that have been ignored. By bringing reverence to our meal preparation we also share warmth and nourishment from the kingdoms of nature.

It is so very clear to many people that as we move through this pandemic, humanity has a heightened potential to transform habits and the social construct of society. Our thoughts, feelings and actions will determine the direction of change. The seemingly little gestures of warmth can unite us.

Therapeutic Applications for Preventative Healthcare

Applying substances via the skin can have profound affects on wellbeing. These examples can be used for all ages, following the guidance and indications on each of the links.

Beeswax chest compresses helps to harmonise warmth and may assist rest and sleep.

Chamomile tea or oil abdominal compresses may assist entering deep sleep.

Lemon footbaths and nutritional baths are supportive in regulating the distribution of warmth and can be used in daily or weekly rhythms.

Alternate footbaths help activate the warmth sense.

Spahgni Citri helps to tighten connective tissue which creates a stronger boundary and preserve vitality; the boundary becomes more active. Rose helps to keep us whole and united.

Remedies to Maintain Health

Ferrum  Siderium /phosphorus /quarz  is being mentioned from numerous recent anthroposophic articles and is referred to as such names as as Meteroric Iron/Phosphorus/Quarz and meterosin. It is most often prescribed to support homeostasis so that the immune system is more prepared when something comes its way. It is indeed a very useful remedy at this time when 10 drops are taken each morning, but please use it as prescribed because it is not complementary to all other remedies and can cause wakefulness in the evening if taken too late in the day. If you buy it direct from the pharmacy the label will be generic and say to take 15 drops 3 times a day. Therefore it is best to check-in with your anthroposophic prescriber before self prescribing and /or adding it into a current prescription. This remedy is for 5-6 years and older.  Young children rely upon warmth, the environment and rhythms provided by the caregivers and also respond very well to the home healthcare applications mentioned above.

In addition to this generic remedy, each person has particular affinities with substances that help to keep them well. A consultation is required for such a prescription.

Remedies at the First Sign of a Cold or Flu

Echinacea  thuja comp is a useful remedy to clean the blood and keep the lymph moving and is often administered at the first sign of coming down with something. Thuja is well known in homeopathy as a deep-acting constitutional remedy. It is not suited to everyone and can cause excess mucus if taken inappropriately. If symptoms do exist 10 drops can be taken 1 to 2 hourly and alternated with one of the below remedies.

Ferrum phos comp (Weleda cold and flu) is often prescribed at the first sign of a cold or flu and is suitable from early childhood through to adults when symptoms present.

Sabadilla Comp is very similar to Ferrum Phos comp, but stronger. If you are treating children older than 12 years old or adults, please use this so that the ferrum phos comp supply is left for the children. Usually it is alternated hourly (10 drops each) with the echinacea thuja comp.

What to do if Symptoms Progress

The first thing to do is consult your chosen health care practitioner. COVID-19 is highly contagious and this should be ruled out to avoid it spreading to carers and the wider community.

Anthroposophic medicine utilise numerous topical therapeutic applications to help manage an illness process. These include such things as Arnica ointment or tincture, quark chest compress, liver and kidney and throat compresses, as well as remedies that taken orally.

Help to Choose Remedies and Learn about Home Healthcare

I am currently unavailable for consultations and will change the status of availability by updating this post. The above remedies can be purchased from Southern Swan Pharmacy in Tasmania.