In these videos http://warmuptofever.org/en/ Dr David Martin provides clear facts and links to scientific research explaining that fever is an action of the body to overcome what is causing or could case illness, rather than fever itself being the illness. Ways to manage fever are discussed within the videos.

Consultations for Children

The basis of the practise at Sea Salt is to look for what is unique to each child and support parents to provide an environment that gives the child what they need to develop and participate in life in a healthy way. How each child experiences and copes with illness and life leads us to parent and treat them in slightly different ways. Too much or too little protection or exposure can create unhealthy patterns in areas such as behaviour, illness and sleep.

The prescriptions made by Louise include natural remedies to be taken orally, and therapeutic applications of medicinal plants and substances in the form of massage, baths and compresses. Children are very responsive to these therapeutic applications and parents who use them often as part of a home healthcare routine find them to be most beneficial.

An initial consultation allows 1 hour to converse and build a picture around your child’s health including birth, milestones, sleep, digestion, behaviour, sensory development, susceptibility to illnesses and environmental influences.

The consultation is a combination of conversation with the parent(s) and observation and general conversation with the child. Having time without the child being present helps to obtain information that the child need not hear.

What is Rose Sphagni?

sphagniSphagni Rose, or Rose Sphagni is an emulsion that has natural protective qualities. When applied to the skin it helps maintain a healthy balance in the fluids sitting just under the skin that are effected by such things as travelling in aircraft or fast moving vehicles, stress and radiation. It provides a ‘second skin’ and reduces the impact of the environment on a child’s growing body. In anthroposophic medicine it is used in rhythmical massage and/or as preventive healthcare as part of a daily rhythm. Rose is chosen for daily application for children under 7 years and the primary care-giver. In these years we aim to provide the most ‘heart-like’ environment as the child will use this as their gage of balance in later life. Lavender and rosemary are more one-sided in their qualities and may be prescribed for specific purposes when closer to 7 or older. Citri sphagni is closer to the middle and shares some similar qualities to rose, so may be an alternative to rose on a daily basis. It can be purchased direct from Southern Swan Pharmacy or from Sea Salt.

Chamomile Abdominal Compress


chamomile with blue backgroundThe very sensitive blossoms of the chamomile flower reaches the nervous system to calm it, without having to pass through the digestive system.

Use it to calm the nervous system and reduce abdominal bloating, reduce premenstrual pain and aid sleep, and much much more…

I have prepared these instructions for Developing the Self Developing the World. Click to find out more information about this organisation.

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Lemon Footbath



The lemon footbath is an easy, yet powerful treatment to harmonise body warmth. The result is the experience of being grounded.

Use it at times of change or transition when you need help to leave one activity and move onto the next.

It is perfect to give before bed to promote relaxation, when a child has just come home from the other parents home, after school or on a Friday night so you can breathe out work and step into the weekend more balanced.


Click here to download instructions that I have prepared in collaboration with Developing the Self Developing the World.